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Fashion colours 2015

Fashionable colours spring-summer 2015

Spring and summer animated fashion themes , which, as we know, has no boundaries. Trendy colours of clothes, hair, nail polish 2015 - this is what every woman needs to know, if wanted to meet the new fashion season fully prepared.

Speaking of fashionable colours of clothing for spring and summer of 2015, we note that nothing radical designers do not offer. As usual, the main creator of the latest trends in fashion color is the Institute of Pantone. The developers of this institution offer fashionistas top 10 trendy colors for spring and summer 2015.

As experts of the Institute explain , "the hallmark of this season are the most cool and soft shades of the colour spectrum, with that deep colours have a more important role as an accent." The fashionable colours of 2014 distinguished by their brightness and saturation of colors.

Looking at the range of colours offered by Pantone, it can generally be described as the colours of water and earth, as they are pretty close to the natural shades of these two elements. As you can see, naturalness is a distinctive trend in 2015, which is reflected in the fashionable colours for hair as well.

Frankly, do all shades proposed for spring and summer by the aforementioned Institute cause an immediate desire to buy something new for your wardrobe with one or more of the suggested colours. Speaking about the association with the colours of water and earth, there are images of winter and spring inter-season: cold, a bit washy, faded and somewhat boring. Looking at the Pantone’s colours of spring and summer for 2015 in general, there are the associations rather with an early spring, when ground is still covered with ice and snow melted, but not with flowering and the colouãs’ diversity of the late spring and summer.

The developers explain their offer fashionistas the fact that these shades are more calm and soothing, that makes it possible to move away from everyday stress and intense bustle of life at least in clothing. Well, perhaps, this explanation makes sense.

However, our task is to acquaint our readers with the proposals of the designers of color, and that they wish to use for your fashionable wardrobe depends on their taste. As always, note that choosing things trendy colors, be sure to determine whether they are suited to your type of appearance.

Fashion colour trends for spring and summer 2015

The leading spring colour was called "Aquamarine" : light blue tint, color reminiscent of lake water. It is cold and very moderate. Designers believe in its ability to reduce stress. Recommended combination with other fashion colors from Pantone are Glacier Gray and Marsala.

Next fashion colour - a shade of blue, the original title of which is "Scuba Blue." Hue is associating with sea depth, the color of the water when you dive. Name - romantic, and the color - cool enough, but bright.

The developers propose to combine it with colors "Classic Blue" and "Lucite® Green” (the latter one was soon renamed as “Beveled Glass”).

Aquamarine_fashion_colour_ss_2015 Scuba_blue_fashion_colour_ss_2015

Lucite is an organic glass. Lucite Green colour name can be defined as "transparent green", well, or "green glass". The latter name of this shade – Beveled Glass – allows to imagine this color. According to the developers of the colour, it is, in principle, not so new, periodically fashion returns to it. However, it is proposed for spring-summer 2015 as a fashion one: calm, clear, cold.

"Classic Blue" - the name speaks for itself. However, this color everyone imagines a different way, as different designers and specialists who design colour shades, give their own names to the same colors. In the view of classic blue Pantone color is represented in the photo below. It is recommended to combine with "Scuba blue", "Beveled Glass" and "Custard".

"Toasted Almond" balances the coolness of other fashionable colours of spring and summer 2015. Reminiscent of tanned skin colour, it creates a comfortable heat as a sign of the sudden spring and summer feeling. Neutral tint at all times, organic and natural, such way the color is beeing seen by its creators. Color can be used as a base in the wardrobe. It is proposed for combining with "Tangerine" and "Strawberry ice" shades.

"Strawberry ice" is a refreshing summer berry colour similar to the shade of summer cool dainty. It is cool but applies to the warmth at the same time. Elegant and charming, "Strawberry ice" is the perfect shade of spring and summer 2015. This color creates the feeling that you 'are in pink, "a flattering colour of healthy blush”.


Direct and convivial colour "Tangerine" is a shade of orange. Energetic but not irritating. The life-giving colour, strong enough on its own, giving excitement to any pattern. The friendly and positive, but with its characteristic sharpness, the color invites to smile and have fun. So this color is characterized by its developers.

However, the fashionable orange colour 2015 differs from the colour "Tangerine Tango" which was relevant in 2012. The Trendy colour "Tangerin" 2015 is a few "burnt out" option tangerine shade of orange. By the way, there are the pictures of colour "Tangerine Tango" instead of "Tangerine” in many articles on the subject . We picked up the photos with samples of clothing, the color of which corresponds to Pantone shade 2015. Recommended combination is with "Roasted almonds" and "Strawberry ice" colours.

Colour "Custard" is perhaps the most controversial in terms of its aesthetic and associative properties. However, its developers believe it is "an exquisite and delightful ... yellow." Sweet and sunny, according to the designers, "Custard" is a welcoming colour, carrying the thoughts about pleasant relaxation and good food. It filled with tenderness and gentle warmth, full of good feelings.

By itself, the color of custard really causes a sensation of softness and warmth. However, this hue in our view is very far from the natural color of favorite sauce. If you use this color as it actually is, then a dress or other item of clothing you have chosen will really radiate warmth and softness, as this shade is very feminine. There is an example of the colour in the extreme right picture. Pantone recommends to combine it with the ”Classic blue” colour. It’s up to you, of course, but in our opinion the suggested combination is of the amateurs.

tangerine_ss_2015 custord_ss_2015

Marsala. The sort of wine is called so. The proposed colour has shades of red, brown and subtle purple. This color is the most fashionable for spring-summer 2015. It is bold, interesting and self-sufficient. In this, perhaps, we agree with its developers. Colour looks noble, generous and sophisticated. However, is it a comfortable shade for summer ? It is an individual matter. In our opinion, this colour is more suitable for fall and winter. Recommend to be combined with the colour of "Aquamarine".

"Glacier gray" - the name speaks for itself. Cold, clear colour. It looks noble and glamorous. This colour is modest and quiet, good for the base color to be set off by others. As its designers said, the color is more suitable for men's fashion than female. Well, the color is good enough, but gray in the summer? It is recommended to combine it with the colour of the "Aquamarine". It is compatible but very cold.


Fortunately, there is no a monopoly in the colour’s fashion. Pantone, though, is the authoritative institution for designers all over the world, but not the only source of fashionable colours.

On the catwalks of fashion shows designers offer their views on the latest fashion colours 2015, which, in our opinion, are more suitable for spring-summer clothes for women.

1. Bright and intense blue color "Electric" and a pale lilac color "Lavender".

2. Three shades of green: bright grassy green, bottle green and khaki.


3. A juicy, bright colour "Grapefruit" - the colour of ripe citrus pulp; bright red "Poppy", which came out of the summer season 2014.

4. Golden deep yellow colour with hints of orange, named “Marigold”; colour of "Rust."

5. The white and black colours, some stylists also recommend them for spring-summer 2015.


Well, this season offers a wide variety of fashionable colours of clothing. Let you choose some of them for you dress, as well as a fashionable hair and nail colour, and enjoy the fashion and the beauty of nature blooming and brightness of spring and summer!

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